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When Grace Was Gone - 3 Reasons You May Not Get Intuitive Guidance

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When Grace Was Gone - 3 Reasons You May Not Get Intuitive Guidance

Grace was gone.

Our year and a half old, a one of kind comical and adorable basset - retriever rescue dog we adopted, was no where to be seen.

We live high on a mountain in northern New Mexico: rough terrain,ancient rocky arroyos and cliffs covered with dense pine, pinion and cedar trees.

Our location has too many predators - mountain lions, coyotes, bobcats, bears, rattlesnakes and eagles - to allow a pet to roam without a leash. She had never been alone outdoors.

The dreaded doggie caper surprise escape had happened. Oh dear.

I called for help and neighbors offered to look for her. Our little search party took off in different directions.

Spiraling images flooded in as I hiked over steep hills and rocks ... the what-might-happen kind of thoughts no pet lover wants to entertain.

I happen to make my living as a intuitive consultant. Now would be a great time to use this skill, right?

I tried. I tried again - then waited. No information, no nothing - not even a hint. I cleared my mind once more. Still nothing. Nothing?!

The viewing screen in my head which I really, really needed was just plain blank.

That is the worst feeling.

When our search team met up ... Still no Grace.

Not until I was completely exhausted from searching, hiking, calling, crying, what if-ing, blaming myself, imagining the worst, and worrying was I finally able to be still enough to receive guidance about her location.

Standing in the middle of the vegetable garden, out of ideas and seemingly, intuition – I surrendered. I turned my face up to the blue New Mexico sky and waited.

A raven flew over. Wind chimes sounded as the breeze moved through the forest. Communities of nuthatches and finches chirped and sang in the trees nearby. I began to feel the rhythm of nature around me. Peace at last.

When my mental “view finder screen” did kick in, there was a clear picture alright - just like a snapshot.

Except it could not be right.


Grace never left the house. I must not have seen her when I checked the closet (She may have been playing with me, standing behind the door wagging her tail).


So much for my great and amazing psychic supernatural powers.

Hey. S--t happens.

These are some basic reasons (here comes the lesson) why we do not always connect with inner guidance - in case you ever wondered about this.

1. STRONG EMOTIONS (negative or positive) can block the guidance pop-up message or make the loading time slow. One might think that urgent communication or super important request would be best understood and noticed by the other realms IF delivered with emphasis (large print letters in red) or even a splash of drama with sound effects or a super spiritual sounding keyword. You know, to make sure one gets the attention of those who might be listening or taking human 911 calls that day.


They have seen all those fancy frills and flourishes before and are waiting for your centered stillness to clear the lines. Then they speak.

From moderate panic and desperation to giddy excitement - if the frequency of your feelings is extreme, either way, it can read like a pattern of static or be a dropped call in the spirit realms. Your part is to rise above the turbulence and screen out the static in order to log onto the incoming email from Source.

Guidance comes from a non-local ISP where things are beautifully neutral,completely impartial and unconditionally constructive in the most wonderful way. One could say their ways are mysteriously different – from their place of residence.

2.  NO RESPONSE OVER TIME. If your request for insight is centered around an ongoing, basically not time sensitive, situation and nothing is showing up, you may simply be missing it.

Other realms (from my experience), seem to enjoy sending a message in unusual packets of information at times.

I've received answers from black and white Turner Classic Movies, for example. I once received guidance from a cornball gangster movie script - terribly outdated yet so universal in application - that I have even shared it with certain clients. It has never failed to uplift their spirit, like an unexpected gift – just as it it did for me. Dreams, metaphors in books,an advertising jingle,casual conversation at work, or the punchline from a joke might be your answer presented in a creative way to get your attention. Don't look too hard for it or call everything a synchronicity, however. Let it happen.

For example, back in the day, after the end of my seemingly terrifying, end of the world divorce, I was in a minor traffic accident that left me with a whiplash Owie.

My chiropractor, whose conversational patter is the same with all patients, remarked, “Your body is locked in a defensive position.” He meant the effects of the accident on my skeletal structure, but I heard the words in my soul. I knew it meant it was all right to let go of my divorce defense posture. It was over and done – now move on and be happy. For some reason I was able to accept the message better in this round about way.

No need for my white knuckle grip. I would be OK.

Replies from Source are unlimited in presentation, so open your mind and prepare for a new way of receiving their loving, sometimes shocking and often humorous, delivery style.


To sum it up, I will share a true story.

I worked with a being from the Other Side named Charlie for a few years. One day I just knew he was moving on to his next gig, whatever that might be, I had a certain feeling it would be out of my current zip code.

I said “You're not coming back. Are you?” He responded, ”Oh, you know how to reach me! Just call me up, like on the telephone.”

I waited and one day I remembered his suggestion. So I called like he said. Ring, Ring …

I clearly heard inside my head, a recorded phone message: “Hello. This is Charlie. I am not available to take your call at this time. Please leave a message.”

My lip trembled. Tears were coming because he said I could call.

Then it happened. Loud booming laughter from Charlie followed. “Now you know how we on this side feel when we try to reach you and get a busy signal.”


If you doubt my story, Trust Your Vibes and ask Sonia Choquette when you see her. I trained with her and later, she was a guest on my radio show. During the show, I shared the Charlie tale with her.

After listening to my story, Sonia said , “Oh, I can hear him laughing right now!” She raised up both arms and waved them like a sinner at the alter in a Baptist church.  We both loved him.

She trained with Charlie in spiritual studies when they lived in Chicago when she was just sixteen.

I was blessed to meet him after his physical departure from this plane. One of his gifts to me was his inter-dimensional recorded message which I often use today when I teach.

It just goes to show ya'.

You never know how, when or from where your guidance, your teaching or your Grace may show up. Ponder that for a while.

Might as well decide to embrace the mystery.

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