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Happy Happy Joy Joy: Get Some - The E-How of Happy

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Happy Happy Joy Joy:  Get Some  - The E-How of Happy
" Happiness often sneaks in thru a door you didn't know you left open."
-John Barrymore

Recently a group of Iranian fans made a tribute video for the Happy song written by Pharrell Williams. It showed six unveiled women and men dancing to the song on rooftops and in the streets of Tehran. Those involved in the Iranian Happy were detained and then arrested after it was posted online.

Pharrell's response: “How tragic that any country would arrest people just for being happy.”

I guess Iranian government cares about its image. National news picked up the story and soon everyone was released.

It just goes to show ya. No one can impose on your personal happiness unless you allow it.

No tyrant, government, religious or government standards, no circumstance, event, external rule, or somebody's opinion can steal your happiness.

It is your basic human right to have as much happiness as you can stand.

While Happy is a number one hit, it is so much more - a simple universal message without spin. It is kind of magical, even spiritual. I'm so Happy Pharrell wrote it.

The Iranian version did not just go viral, it became contagious. So go ahead. Get infected. You'll be tapping your toes if not dancing in your chair. Be happy.

Like the people in Tehran.

LINK here. Iranian version: (Read the sequence of events below the video)

Link: Pharrell Williams version:

One might assume that in a strict repressive environment, such as Iran, at least by American standards, where women are not to wear nail polish and even sunglasses worn on top of your head are considered improper/illegal, that nobody would get the idea making a “happy video”, let alone actually sharing it.

This story got me to thinking ... Thinking about happiness and personal freedom of expression ... all that stuff.

I began to consider how and why the quality of happiness can seem ... illusive

In the past I had doubts about happiness being for real or maybe just not for me. I remember saying to someone: “I don't like those people. They are just too happy.”

It sounds like an off hand attempt at humor but I meant it. I simply did not think happiness was very real or lasting.

How sad.

I had to teach myself that it was OK and cool to be happy. Real happiness, I found; did not depend on circumstance, good fortune, wealth, education, approval of others, talent or even heritage.

It comes from within. It isn't external at all.

A large portion of my life was extremely difficult. It took me a long time to even realize that as a result I was way too serious for my own good. And it was shockingly hard to let go of the serious even after I admitted it to myself.

Who gets attached to being unhappy? Well, that just sounds nuts.

Many of us do. It is as if we have a sense of righteousness or safety - almost a superiority - in remaining ... unhappy - or somewhere between happy and detached.

It is so bizarre to have to tell ourselves, or teach ourselves to be happy.

We can forget that happiness remains a personal choice and a right. Even after tragedy or deep loss. Happiness does ebb and flow in life, it isn't totally a constant state, yet it always comes back as steady as ocean waves at evening tide.

If we allow it.

I made up my mind to school myself in the art of being happy. I wanted it. I decided not to wait for it to find me. Instead, I went after it. Mindfully I observed happy humans, especially children. I began to see this was simply a state of mind.

I desired to grab for every moment of happy I could, on a day-to-day basis. This is how I did it.

Here comes the E-How: How to Get More Happy Happy Joy Joy.

  • ·        It is helpful to see your life in days, instead of years or decades. I decided to review each day as it ended. I review and release the day at night. In the morning, I create the day I want. This allows constant insights I might otherwise miss. It also highlights discoveries, opportunities, and the chance to course correct before losing direction.
  • ·        Each day determine to deliberately find something thing that brought a smile or warmed your heart. Wherever you are. Big or small doesn't matter. I find the simpler the happy moment, the deeper and richer it is. That is surprising, isn't it?
  • ·        Really take in a compliment, totally feel a loved one's embrace, stand back and actually look at the happy spots in your home and your life. Practice anonymous kindness to others, which helps the circle come to you as well.
  • ·        Refuse to spend your life with someone you do not love, work that has no passion, people that you simply do not enjoy or cannot tolerate. This is important and worthwhile to consider.
  • ·        Observe genuine happiness when it is present in others, music, wildlife, your pets, a baby, or a commercial. Remember the giggling baby with puppies all over him?
  • ·        ”Oh, I'm so happy!” Say it. Out loud. Affirm it to be so. It's OK. It works. Just do it.

To conclude, it would be unfair not to mention that a happy vibe is a powerful tool in getting what you want from the Universe. It is a matching of vibration frequency quantum physics thing. Dude. It is like tapping in to the hidden language of Source, man.

All God wants from us is to live and be happy. Enjoy the ride and when you have finished with the dream, then go back home. That's it.

Abraham-Hicks describe this very well. Link:


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