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How empowering is it to know that there are effective and simple ways to elevate the energy of your environment - whenever you want to?

No need to hire a swami, a rabbi, priest, shaman or medicine man because you can do this yourself.

Maybe you've seen the movie Poltergeist.( I enjoyed the original version.) Or ghost busting TV shows featuring haunted homes or locations. Television shows with bad lighting, ghostly or demonic phenomena, combined with verbal challenges for troublesome energies to "show themselves" which is then followed by banging, spinning plates or other objects, wall knocking, ceiling crashes, foot steps,or flashing electricity.

While possible,and most unfortunate,such extreme take overs by unwanted energy don't often occur.

Extremes, you know, make very good television ratings.:)

It is the stagnant, stale, blah or uneven energies, as common as sneezing during spring allergy season, that most often drag us down, dulling our energy, and zapping the full on enjoyment of life.

Taking a bit of time to freshen the energy field of your space (home, office, dorm room) will change not only the energy field but the often the actions, reactions and communications of the humans within that field.

People get sick, have disagreements, experience losses. Misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and anger is expressed. The freedom to express all feelings is completely healthy. However the feeling or the experience can leave energetic imprints (like sticky smudgy finger prints) that overshadow the space. Leaving less and less room for a light happy vibe.

Neither a haunting nor a demon, this is simply the accumulative "waxy build up"of ordinary life! Residual invisible energy, like household dirt, can be swept away.

All actions and all thoughts, especially repetitive ones, accumulate in power over time.

Maya Angelo said "Watch the words spoken in your home because eventually they get into the rugs, the furniture, all over the walls and before you know it - they get into you. "

Wise woman that Maya.

Why settle for blah gray inhospitable energy when you can have sparkling clarity surrounding you?

Special robes, talismans, binging, chiming and bonging, doing the hokey pokey while you turn yourself around - not necessary.:)

Changing or clearing energy is based on simple intention. Then it is downloaded using your chosen creative ritual to enforce the intention.

Only one rule : Know what you want, and mean it.

Just knowing that the energy is not clear and could be so much better, is all that is needed to begin. No need to figure out what, when, where or why.

(Although it may become clear at some point which would be good information for learning.)

Regular space clearing is good for what ails you, like opening the window in a stuffy room. It refreshes, stabilizes and uplifts, like a fresh ocean breeze.

A while ago the hubby and I were having bad dreams (not related to anything in our lives ) followed by anxiety and insomnia.

Without analyzing I simply decided to burn a little sage before bed. We then read aloud to each other for a few minutes from inspirational, spiritual and grounded books - books that we actually live by and enjoy - before lights out.

The yucky dreams stopped - immediately.

Intention enforced by active ritual, see?

What if you feel frightened or intimidated by some weird, off balance, persistent energy?

Know this: Fear itself keeps a cycle alive and repeating. Same for anxiety.

Fear will automatically move away from you when you know who you are.

In case you wondered- a sovereign divine being is who you are.:)

Don't have to feel it all the time, just know it.

Sometimes it isn't necessary to do the math, just understand, accept and agree with the theory. You will experience the evidence later. Then you have wisdom.

Chose a simple ritual to clear the space, then strengthen it by raising your frequency before beginning.

Low frequency energies have no interest in higher vibes so this creates automatic separation right away.

Simple things like singing, inspired soulful music, gentle candlelight, kind thoughts, gratitude expressed and sweet conversations, meditation, gazing into a pet's eyes, seem so ordinary yet all lift frequency.

Laughter over a cornball comedy. These are the things that easily and naturally repel unwanted energy. Try it. 

It is the simple practices that best drive away or as the Bible says "cast out" fear.

Turns out the Beatles were right.

When it comes to removing unwanted energy, all you need is - love.:) Now the song is in your head, right?!

Playing for Change is a movement built on shared music and this particular song, by Puzzle of Light is right on:

Choose a phrase, quotation, or verse that brings you peace and speak it, out loud or to yourself, in crisis or personal rocky moments. The more you use the words the stronger they become. They begin to live within you as worthwhile allay.

Sometimes the right thought just shows up, like a star shooting across a dark night sky.

As a child growing up in a violent unstable home, I was frightened much of the time. One day while hiding in a closet, I began to sing Jesus Loves Me, on a whim (or was it guidance?) hoping that would make me feel safe. It was the only "hymn" I knew and I reasoned that maybe God would hear it.

Did it work? You bet it did. Simple and sweet. This Colorado policeman had a flash of knowing that brought a frequency of peace and love to chaos.

Speaking of stars...

Link here:

What feels right and simple in the moment is always best.

As for clearing rituals, the use of sage smoke (smudging) is tried and true. Declare your intention as you light the sage.

"I declare this home is a place of love, peace, healing and joy. Only positive energy may remain. All other energy must leave."

The "declare" part is very important. Don't ask. Instead declare. Make your words declarative. Affirm.

That is your power talking which is understood in all realms.

Or splash some Holy Water.

Holy Water isn't as mysterious as it seems in movies (Remember The Exorcist?! UGH.)

It can be purchased online or simply make it yourself by leaving ordinary water in the sun for three days in a glass bottle.

Shazam, ma'am! You just made your own Holy Water.

Holy holy water, Batman. Bam.

Green plants, fresh flowers, colorful beauty mixed with the power and magic of nature provide grounding. Simple order and cleanliness.

Which reminds me of a client who worried about her six year old son's fears at night.

He had been treated for a serious illness in the hospital. Then he wanted to sleep with his parents every night. When they finally said no to this, they could hear him crying while standing in the hallway.


I suggested a toy light saber (sword) for him to sever or separate from the fear.

"Say what you want, kid. There's nothing like a good light saber at your side." Said Harrison Ford in Star Wars.

However, his mother explained they did not approve of toys that resemble actual weapons in their home, a respectable rule.

I waited, and then it came to me, like a thought pebble dropped into a motionless pond.

Yes! I had it... Exactly, the perfect prescriptive ritual. What was it?

A Harry Potter wand made of natural wood.

He was to say prayers with his parents by his bed, then go to the door of his room.

Using his magic wand he was to slowly, thoughtfully draw a line at the doorway.

Then speak in his own voice, with all his heart.

"I declare no dreams, monsters or scary feelings are allowed to enter this room. They may never cross this line."

His mother reported this "prescription" worked the very first time. He now sleeps through the night, every night.

I love this story so much. A young boy finding his inner power, his innate ability to direct unwanted energy away from his presence.

This is available to all of us, always, at all ages, in any situation.

Your home is a blessed sanctuary for you, your loved ones, pets, and friends. It is meant to greet you with loving open arms each time you enter, providing safety and peace.

Simple energy clearing infuses your every day life and abode, with balance and calm confidence.

In the words of Obi Kenobi : "The Force is strong within you. Use the Force, Luke."

Oh! By the way, feel free to use The Harry Potter Prescription.

(In any way you wish, Master.)

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