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Knowledge is only a rumor until it is in the muscle.” Unknown

To a pigtailed elementary school mystic back in the 50's, spirituality was pretty flavorless and conservative in general, at least in my neighborhood, and completely absent in my chaotic home.

Yet I was deeply aware of a protective, truthful benevolent energy . It was always with me, in the distance, yet nearby. It drew closer when I was in danger.

I often ventured off route by myself on my walk home from school. One day a big guard dog I assumed was friendly, lunged toward me in a giant leap,showing his teeth, snarling and growling. I was frozen in fear. Suddenly he stopped in his tracks for no reason that I could see and trotted away.

When I walked home from school I always passed a gas station. The strange man who worked there came out whenever I walked by. He offered candy if I would come into the back office with him. Somehow at 8 years old, I knew he was unsafe and very wrong but not why it was wrong or what exactly was unsafe about it. I just knew for certain not to do it.

I just “knew” a lot of things and made disarming, insightful statements at surprising times. Spoken in a child's vocabulary (I reasoned I knew a secret language, like Pig Latin) that others could not understand because the meaning was somehow hidden from them.

Owknay atwhay Iway eanmay? Translation: Know what I mean?

I told adults this was “Magic” or “I just know”or “God told me” then moved on with whatever I was playing with or doing at the time.

I wondered why they did not just know. Why would adults ask a child to explain it? To me it was as natural as choosing a crayon color from a brand new super sized deluxe Crayola box.

(I used the word “magic” because magic is not explainable, it just is.)

You know that you know that you know - but how did you know that you know?

Hunches, and gut feelings aren't taught in the mainstream, but there are simple ways to cultivate and get to know the inner voice, and intentionally use it in your life.

It is like riding a bike ... once you know how ... you know it forever. This skill offers an edge in life, and helps you make decisions that are in alignment with your goals. It offers protection, and a signifigant, wider frame of reference.

Here are four simple ways to train and build your knowing “muscle”.

Oh COME on! Go for it!

Where's your will to be weird??” Jim Morrison, The Doors

COMMIT: Just like everything else, we begin with an intentional decision to explore. All humans have this capacity, whether we use it or not. It is up to us. See this as an enjoyable adventure. Don't try too hard. Nurture yourself along. Just do it.

MEDITATE: I know. It seems like such a boring thing to do, sitting on a pillow or under a tree doing nothing. But just the act of stopping in order to be mindful, is positively life changing. The mind is a wild, wild place. How will we get to know the inner voice if we are never silent? Knowing is usually as subtle as a tickle of a feather. When you are able to access the peace of silence, it becomes natural and feels like home.

DOCUMENT: Write down dreams, thoughts, ideas, questions even words that pop into your head. There may be a lot of junk in the beginning. Don’t look for “signs”. Just keep going, don't worry about accuracy just yet. Date the page in order to see the progress. Ask yourself “Was that helpful?” Was this accurate?” Documentation is a form of objective feedback, and a valid training tool. So get a nice pen and a pretty notebook - then USE it.

DETACH: If we are attached to outcome, we will short out every time. Keeping score against yourself, or attempting to force pieces to fit, are part of the undisciplined mind that resists new learning. Trust without expectation. This is training in self discipline, open mindedness, and focus. (I suspect detachment plays a role in many worthy inventions, transcendent music, and brilliant scientific discoveries.)

The intuitive voice may sound out of place, as if coming from left field. It operates beyond space and time, so give what you know or sense you may know, time to come forward. The full picture may not be there for a while. Or it may be instantaneous. Notice it. Let it be.

The inner voice is completely honest, unemotional. It isn't all unicorns and rainbows. It leaves as quickly as it arrives so you must practice recognizing it.

What does it sound like? It sounds like the voice of an innocent child.

Once I was introduced to a restaurant co-owner at dinner. He was well dressed and well mannered, yet when I shook his manicured hand, a wave of serious negativity came toward me.

Like a Mafia guy from the The Sopranos! There was a flash of an empty kitchen, money drawer, and more - all missing from that beautiful restaurant. It felt very real, like it already happened.

Why would I think such a thing about this well dressed gentleman?

This happened before I had developed wisdom about these things. I said nothing, but it bothered me all evening.

Later I learned the “gentleman” had taken everything in the middle of the night (accounting books, paperwork, money, furnishings, fancy kitchen equipment) leaving devasting financial loss for his partner.

Where did he go? He left town to return to Italy!

I’ve learned that inner knowing is far more accurate than physical appearance. Or expensive suits.

Tania Kotsos says “In-tution is inner teaching. It is tuition from within. Learn to honor it.

I hope you enjoy your journey. It is a worthwhile and divine adventure!

It is always with excitement that I wake up in the morning wondering

what my intuition will toss up to me, like gifts from the sea.

I work with it and rely on it. It is my partner.”

- Jonas Salk

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