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What to Expect or Not to Expect in Your Consult

1. It is not the job of the consultant, nor is it ethical for an intuitive consultant to tell you what you want to hear or to make personal decisions for you.

2. A consultant  is never a substitute for your own good judgment or the services of a therapist, grief counselor or a physician but  these services may work together when the time is right.

3. Communication with deceased loved ones is possible and  real. It is not appropriate or realistic to expect this to occur on demand or with the deceased person of your choosing.

4. Interactive questions and comments, while an important part of the consulting process, should not be a means of controlling the session or guiding the consultant in a certain direction. The process itself is organic and works best when you are relaxed, open and attentive.  

If the client has an open mind and heart, it is not unusual at all for incredible, precise, and memorable validation to occur spontaneously.

A certain amount of skepticism is healthy because it keeps us in balance. However, the intuitive process itself occurs in a state of relaxed flow.

This relaxed flow is what connects the consultant with the client.
Copyright 2013 by Karen "Tallkat" Conley